Patents Extraction for Cortext


  • Patents Extraction for Cortext scenario is for data extraction from the RISIS Patent database. In this case the data is ready to upload to Cortext.


  1. Login into

  2. Create a project.

  3. Import the scenario 'Patents Extraction for Cortext’ into the project.

  4. Configure the project filling the inputs: patent-extraction-for-cortext-scenario.png

    • User e-mail: E-mail of the user that should be given full access to the extraction.
    • Dataset: We need to select one of the datasets. For our case, we will select the dataset imported previously '2023-03_robotics-extract1000'.


    • Application id: Enter only integer numbers. Press enter to add it. For this example, we selected '58'.
  5. When all the required fields are filled, you can click on the button in the top right ‘Run this scenario’.

  6. After the scenario execution is finished, check in the Outputs of the project for the new files produced:Patents Extraction Result.