Assign adapted nuts to addresses (CorTexT)


  • This scenario provides a way to load a csv file containing a column with address information. It runs the following scripts in Cortext Manager:
    • Data parsing
    • Geocoding script
    • Geospatial exploration
  • The output will contain the result of the Geocoding script as a csv file with the longitude and latitude values for each address, and the visualization of the results in a web mapping tool.


  • Upon logging in, start a new project and proceed to import the "Assign adapted nuts to addresses (CorTexT)" scenario. Next, configure the scenario by filling in the necessary inputs: assign-adapted-nuts-to-addresses-cortext0.png

    • Dataset id: Select a dataset that you have previously uploaded in this project.
    • File id: Select a file from the dataset you have seleted in the previous field.
    • File format: Select a file format. It could be tab separated or standard csv separated by ; and minimal quoting.
    • Field with addresses: Select a field name containing addresses.
    • Execution title: Enter an execution title to categorize each scenario configuration execution. This field is optional.
  • When all the required fields are filled, you can click on the button in the top right ‘Run this scenario’.

  • After the scenario execution is finished, check in the Outputs of the project for the new files produced. assign-adapted-nuts-to-addresses-cortext1.png This map has been generated using Cortex Manager's "Geospatial Exploration" script, which offers advanced tools and functionalities for analyzing and visualizing geographical data, allowing users to gain valuable insights into spatial patterns, geographical trends, and location-based information see more.