Title EFIL

EFIL – European dataset of public R&D funding instruments aims at enabling users to investigate public R&D funding in Europe at the level of project funding instruments and Research Funding Organizations (RFO), addressing questions related to policy design and policy implementation. Main objectives of EFIL are: - re-composing and characterizing the portfolios of funding instruments of relevant RFOs from selected European countries (AT; CH; CZ; DK; EE; DE; IT; NO; UK, for the time being); - producing evidence of the structural, procedural, and allocational aspects of funding instruments, as well as organizational profiles. EFIL provides a set of descriptors with an emphasis on a general characterization of the instrument (orientation, delegation mode of funding, composition of decision-making body, etc.); funding allocation criteria and eligible beneficiaries; and funding amounts allocated through each funding instrument. The temporal coverage assumes 2017 and 2018 as reference years for the re-composition of portfolios, but funding data are covered for the period 2018-backwards to 2010. A peculiar feature related to the facility is the possibility to characterize the instruments through text analysis, key words, and vocabularies. Indeed, the database is complemented by a repository of official documents hosted on a cloud – composed of instrument calls, guidelines for participants, descriptions on official webpages, etc. – that is accessible to the database user.

Keywords R&D Policy Instruments, Project Funding, Research Funding Organizations
Use Cases https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/frma.2021.712839/full
Documentation https://zenodo.org/record/6367802#.YjSN5TUo-Mq
Dataset Owner IRCrES-CNR http://www.ircres.cnr.it
Dataset Access Manager Andrea Orazio Spinello andrea.spinello@ircres.cnr.it