Explore Results


  • In the top menu, go to ‘Projects’ and select ‘Explore’. view-results0.png
  • Select the project where you run the scenario in our case ‘Patents extraction’
  • There are two options to go to the outputs page:
    • In the ‘Explorer’ section, click on the outputs button located at the top of the project card. view-results1.png
    • In the ‘Explorer’ section, click on the title to go to the project profile and click in the ‘Outputs’ sub-menu located over the cards. view-results2.png
  • After that, the system will open a new page with a list of the results.
    • In the left part, you will find all executions done sorted by execution date. view-results3.png
    • When you select one, at the right you will see the list of the result. view-results4.png
  • In this case, there is only one result, could be more, depending on the scenario. Each row has some action when you pass the mouse over it.
    • Eye: To open the result in a new web tab view-results5.png
    • Delete: To delete the output if you don’t need it. view-results6.png
  • If you want, you can download the results in a .zip file. There are two possibilities to do it.
    • Big button: Select one of the results in the left table, and after at the top of the page, you will see a ‘Download outputs’ button. Please click on it. view-results7.png
    • Small button: In the history table, located in the left part, you will see a small download green icon, please click on the icon to download the outputs. view-results8.png